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DownTek™ Water Repellent Down is down that has been treated with our water-repellent-nano-treatment.  We employ a proprietary application method instead of a bath treatment, thereby eliminating waste run-off. 


When regular down is exposed to moisture, the moisture droplets cling to the filaments of the down cluster, forcing the down to collapse in on itself.  Once wet, regular down loses its ability to insulate because the pockets of air that provide insulation collapse. DownTek™ stays dry 27 times longer than regular down when exposed to water.


Air pockets on the down clusters of DownTek™ Water Repellent Down do not collapse.  The nano treatment creates surface tension on the surface area of the treated down clusters.  This surface tension forces the moisture molecules to bead up and roll off the down, leaving each cluster free to continue trapping warm air, thereby maintaining the ability to insulate even when wet.  DownTek down consistently reaches 1000 minutes in the IDFL DWR shake test.



DownTek™ Water Repellent Down uses a C6 carbon chain PFC. The EPA has researched C6 PFCs and found they generally have a very short half-life, so they are not persistent in the environment like the C8 PFCs.  DownTek is PFOA and PFOS-free.