Sustainable Down Source is certified by the Responsible Down Standard

We offer RDS CERTIFIED regular and DWR down.

Through a very selective sourcing process, all SDS down comes from farms that undergo strict audit procedures to ensure that our product does not come from birds that have been force-fed or live-plucked. 

sds Bulk Down


The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Duck Downs:

500 Fill Power Duck Down
550 Fill Power Duck Down
600 Fill Power Duck Down
650 Fill Power Duck Down
700 Fill Power Duck Down
750 Fill Power Duck Down
800 Fill Power Duck Down


The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Goose Downs:

500 Fill Power Goose Down
550 Fill Power Goose Down
600 Fill Power Goose Down
650 Fill Power Goose Down
700 Fill Power Goose Down
750 Fill Power Goose Down
800 Fill Power Goose Down
850 Fill Power Goose Down




Internal quality control

  •  Each of our down and feather processing facilities are equipped to test for fill power, down content, and DWR performance.
  • We test a sample from each batch of down produced to ensure quality prior to shipping.


  • We offer IDFL pre-ship testing for each quality of down we ship that is over 300 kgs.

  • We regularly send samples of DownTek and ZeroPFC to IDFL for rigorous DWR testing to ensure performance.

Bureau Veritas

  • We send samples of SDS bulk down, DownTek, and ZeroPFC to Bureau Veritas for due diligence that includes testing for (but not limited to):

1.     APEO/NPEO

2.     PFOA/PFOS

3.     Short and Long-Chain Carbons

Sustainable Down Source is an active member in both of the down and feather trade associations:

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