Sustainable Down Source is certified by the Responsible Down Standard

We offer RDS CERTIFIED regular and DWR down.

Through a very selective sourcing process, all SDS down comes from farms that undergo strict audit procedures ensure that our product does not come from birds that have been force-fed or live-plucked. 

sds Bulk Down

Our down is sourced with quality in mind. SDS is certified by the Responsible Down Standard and can offer RDS certification for both our regular and DWR down. Besides internal quality control testing of every lot, we offer IDFL pre-ship testing for each quality of down we ship that is over 300 kg.


The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Duck Downs:

500 Fill Power Duck Down
550 Fill Power Duck Down
600 Fill Power Duck Down
650 Fill Power Duck Down
700 Fill Power Duck Down
750 Fill Power Duck Down
800 Fill Power Duck Down


The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Goose Downs:

500 Fill Power Goose Down
550 Fill Power Goose Down
600 Fill Power Goose Down
650 Fill Power Goose Down
700 Fill Power Goose Down
750 Fill Power Goose Down
800 Fill Power Goose Down
850 Fill Power Goose Down


Down is great until it gets wet...but DownTek™ repels water while maintaining loft, temperature range and packability...
— September 2012 Performance Test, Wired Magazine



DownTek™ Water Repellent Down is down that has been treated with our water-repellent-nano-treatment.  We employ a proprietary application method instead of a bath treatment, thereby eliminating waste run-off. 



When regular down is exposed to moisture, the moisture droplets cling to the filaments of the down cluster, forcing the down to collapse in on itself.  Once wet, regular down loses its ability to insulate because the pockets of air that provide insulation collapse.  Air pockets on the down clusters of DownTek™ Water Repellent Down do not collapse.  The nano treatment creates surface tension on the surface area of the treated down clusters.  This surface tension forces the moisture molecules to bead up and roll off the down, leaving each cluster free to continue trapping warm air, thereby maintaining the ability to insulate even when wet.  DownTek down consistently reaches 1000 minutes in the IDFL DWR shake test.



DownTek™ Water Repellent Down uses a C6 carbon chain PFC. The EPA has researched C6 PFCs and found they generally have a very short half-life, so they are not persistent in the environment like the C8 PFCs.  DownTek is PFOA and PFOS-free.


Watch DownTek™ at work vs Untreated Down






DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ was born from a commitment to providing our customers with the very best performing DWR down while keeping in mind the impact we have on the environment.  DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ is a perfluorocarbon-free water repellent down that uses lipids, an innovative, nature-inspired approach to achieving water repellency.    



When exposed to moisture DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ stays dry 10 times longer than regular down and dries faster.



DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ uses the same proprietary application process as DownTek™ Water Repellent Down, which employs the use of nano-level lipids (one billionth of a meter) instead of a bath process – meaning no by-products are released into our water-recovery systems.



Internal quality control

  • Each of our down and feather processing facilities are equipped to test for fill power, down content, and DWR performance.

  • We test a sample from each batch of down produced to ensure quality prior to shipping.


  • We offer IDFL pre-ship testing for each quality of down we ship that is over 300 kgs.

  • We regularly send samples of DownTek and ZeroPFC to IDFL for rigorous DWR testing to ensure performance.

Bureau Veritas

  • We send samples of SDS bulk dow, DownTek, and ZeroPFC to Bureau Veritas for due diligence that includes testing for (but not limited to):

1.     APEO/NPEO

2.     PFOA/PFOS

3.     Short and Long-Chain Carbons

Sustainable Down Source is an active member in both of the down and feather trade associations:

The American Down and Feather Council  

the International Down and Feather Bureau